On the Open Sea

Despite my father watching every last WW2 documentary and movie made, I never knew the footnote to history about the HMS Menestheus, a war time floating brewery.
According to the story from Vinepair, “These ships were built at the insistence of Winston Churchill himself and were not only to include breweries, but also cinemas, dance halls and other amenities, which is why they then became known as amenity ships.” What would under the USO banner to us in America.

The full vision was never really fulfilled since, thankfully, the war came to a close but according to the story, “During its time in the Pacific the HMS Menestheus visited the ports of Yokohama, Kure, Shanghai and Hong Kong, brewing a mild ale that was served slightly chilled. Reports from soldiers who consumed it at the time were that the beer was absolutely delicious, especially when compared to what they had been drinking before.”

I know that there are cruises with craft beer themes. I just read about one with the Texas brewery Jester King. But wouldn’t it be great if there were a ship outfitted with a brewery that could ferry paying passengers from port to port and learn about the brewing history (and future) of the ports of call and then brew a beer in that style (or have one at the ready).