Odonata Saison

I am hoping this makes it’s way south from the state capital to LA. Because if it tastes 1/2 as good as this description then I will want alot…
“The beer has a decent amount of wheat in the grist, which lends a fantastic lemony tartness that is incredibly refreshing. We’ve also tweaked our recipe a bit from our pilot batches to be sure the body is full, but not heavy, with notable texture and depth. The color is a shade darker than you might expect; a tawny-golden hue. The kicker? The yeast if friggin’ amazing! The aromas that you’ll find in this beer are wild and fruity, with a hint of peppery spice and a subtle earthy note. The beer doesn’t shy away from the traditional Belgian yeast, it’s in your face and proud of its heritage. We’re certain you’ll appreciate this; Saison is not your run-of-the-mill beer.”