Not Throwing Away Their Shot

Here are the 2017 Winners of the 20th Sam Adams Longshot competition:
Graham Johnson’s (Boston Beer employee) – Coffeehead Imperial Stout

“The beer in his own words:
Coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit notes on the nose. Strong, thick mouthfeel – coats your mouth. Finishes slightly sweet but doesn’t overpower the strong coffee essence.”

Duane Wilson’s (with co-brewer Mike Edwards) – Wild Child

“The beer in his own words:
I first get an aroma of fresh apricots. As you taste the beer you taste sour with a nice dryness. This morphs into the tartness of kumquats with a subtle apricot background followed by a lingering tartness on your tongue.”

David Cousino’s – Barnstorm Saison

“The beer in his own words:
A nice farmhouse ale with soft malt character, delicate floral notes, and a hint of pepper.”

I am glad that the hops were left out this year, though I wish that the Lichtenhainer that was in final consideration had made it to the final three.

2 Replies to “Not Throwing Away Their Shot”

  1. Okay,
    So when & where can I purchase ‘Graham Johnson’s Coffeehead IMP Erial Stout’ Beet? Zorro

  2. Longshot should be out in six-packs in the next month or so. Should be a wide release. The Sam Adams website can give you the exact where for your location.

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