North Carolina brewery # 1 – Wedge Brewing

The first stop of the January e-tours of North Carolina is the beer bastion of Asheville and Wedge Brewing.

“The Wedge Brewing Co. is located in the lower level of the Wedge Studios situated in the River Arts District of Asheville, N.C. The building is a classic brick warehouse adjacent to the railroad tracks. The original use of the structure was probably as a food warehouse. The space the brewery is in at onetime stored slaughtered hogs.”

Here are a couple beers to think about ordering the next time you find yourself in North Carolina.

Community Porter“English Style Robust Porter with a West Coast twist, Carob and Maple are added into the Kettle. Kent Golding Hops are added just to balance the Malt Sweetness. Organic Pale, Munich, Chocolate, and Caramel malts comprise the Grain Bill.”

Golem“Belgian Strong Golden Ale. Wicked and Dangerously drinkable, this brew is made with Belgian pilsner malt, and small portions of wheat, oats, and corn, true Belgian candy sugar, and a variety of European Noble Hops including Saaz. No Fruit or Spices are used in this Brew! It’s all the Yeast’s Flavor Contributions.”