No, now all 14

On Mother’s Day, the BBC and Russell T. Davies announced the actor taking over the key to the TARDIS. Ncuti Gatwa, most likely known for the role of Eric on Sex Education will take over the Tardis from Jodie Whitaker.

This news practically demands a celebratory / anticipatory beer.

And I have a few options for you…

Firstly, because it is a celebration find a big imperial stout that is over the 14% mark but under 15% to tick the numerical box. And no the War Doctor, Fugitive Doctor and the Timeless Child are not included in that number.

Secondly, since Gatwa is Scottish, find a nice Scotch Ale to toast his casting. There will be a nice opportunity to have Capaldi and 14 have an aggressive accent talk.

Lastly, let’s find one of those really blue hard seltzers out there, who am I kidding, but since the Doctor enjoys Jelly Babies and Jammy Dodgers, find yourself a weird as hell pastry stout but no fish fingers and custard.

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