Nitro taps

I was at Blue Palms trying to decide what beer to get when I saw the magic word, “NITRO”. I thought to myself, Why do I not see it more? Is it just a Portland/Seattle thing? Is it a dying fad?

I certainly hope not because some beers with the addition of a well poured Nitro can round out the rough edges of a beer and give it perfect balance such as the Rubicon Goldfinger Bitter. Rubicon is a brewery on the cusp. I like what they are trying to accomplish but was always left wanting a little more, oomph. Nitro did it. The creaminess and carbonation added extra layers to what could be a boring beer to us hop addled folks. It was like getting a In ‘n’ Out burger plated by Wolfgang Puck. There was a little pizazz.

My plea to everyone out there on the beer interweb is to keep asking for Nitro. Every beer spot worth its salt should have one.