New Model – Reviewing

We have all seen the reviews that start with, I hate this style of beer. Part of me wants to scream. (see above tweet) But part of me wants to give some credit for trying a style again and again. It would be so much easier to just give up.

But maybe as we wait for the Untappd app to load up and find your beer, we need to press pause and really think before starting to type. I know this is a Tweet First, Ask for Forgiveness later society but just stopping for a moment or three will make all the difference. A new flavor might pop out as the beer warms, that descriptive word you had on the tip of your tongue might reveal itself or you might overhear what another tap room patron is saying about that same beer.

Use that time to find a way to describe the beer that does not involve a preconceived notion. Maybe use only three or only five words to best illuminate the aroma and flavor and mouthfeel. Hell, just use emoji’s if that is your jam. But find a way to inform the person that stumbles upon your mini-review about the beer. What about the grapefruit is rubbing you the wrong way? Too much pith? Does it taste like grapefruit candy and not actual citrus? Are the hops muted by the fruit?

In that downtime before typing, remember that people may be reading who aren’t reading to learn about YOU but about the BEER.