New Mexico Brewery # 2 – Kaktus Brewpub


Kaktus Brewing Company is (as the website boasts) “the only brewery in Bernalillo, New Mexico.”  But since this town is around the 8,300 mark, you can take that as great or sign that another should join the fun.  Because this is a true nano.  Only 500 barrels annually and eight beers on tap at any given time.

Anyway, this is the place in the SW to go for some lagers.  They have a Dunkel and a Green Bottle (a nod to a certain foreign lager) as well as a Cream Stout that caught my eye.  But what really intrigued me was their Basil lager.

To add to my initial taster tray I would try their Oyster Stout and their Gunslinger Smoke beer.