New Dry Beers

Dry River has three new beers to tempt you with…

Morena: “A rich, multi-dimensional, Sour Stout, brewed with ten specialty malts and lightly hopped with Saaz. Twice barrel-fermented with Lacto, Pedio, and Brett C. High attenuated dryness and layers of flavors deliver a pleasant and cleansing tartness. Notes of stone fruit pits, coffee, & chocolate.”

Azula: “Barrel-aged farmhouse Saison with blue berries, brewed with Golden Promise malt, Winter wheat, and Nobel hops. Aged in Merlot barrels on blueberries for 6 months with house mixed culture, then blended with 2 year Belgian golden strong and bottle conditioned.”

Mangosa Escura: “Dark Mango Gose. A twist on a old recipe Naga used make back in Bahia where Mangos fell from the sky and littered the ground. Brewed with Patagonian Black Pearl malt, Himalayan sea salt, and organic mangoes. A luscious dark sour with tropical funk and a hint of saltiness.”

Of the trio, the Morena strikes me as the one that I would be ordering first.