Needed or Not – Macro Edition

When you have marketing dollars and then some, it can be tempting to get cute or to brand extend whether or not the idea is good or not or even in your wheelhouse. Two cases-in-point….

SABInBev is logo selling to the meat department of your grocery store but as opposed to say when Jack Daniels does it or New Belgium with Fat Tire brats, what does the yellow (not corn) fizzy water add to any of these four items? If you can taste Budweiser over jalapeno and cheddar then you should sign up for the super taster Olympics.

The first photo is a Coors Light tap handle. Cool, glow in the dark. But this tap is plugged into SiriAlexa and when Bud Light tweets or instahoots mean things about the Rocky Mountain yellow water, well it lights up and at a certain point the bar gets free beer! And yes, Americans will not screw with this at all. Oh no, not us non-cheating Americans led by the Orange Cheeto Cheater himself. This will be cool for a day and then a mess. Might not even be running by the time this post sees the light of day.

Verdict? – Back to the drawing board for both.