NBA Playoffs Brewery Tour # 2 – Talisman Brewing Company from Utah

Every team needs that player that takes the last shot, for the Utah Jazz that talisman is Donovan Mitchell, so let’s head to Ogden and see what Talisman Brewing has on tap for the recently eliminated #1 seed, Jazz.

Coming in Hop Session IPA – “In an effort to make beer not war, we decided to drop some hop bombs… look out, we’re Comin in Hop! This refreshing well balanced wheat based IPA is crisp and full of amazing cities and pine hop flavor and aroma.”

Bel’s Fury Irish Red Ale – “Bel, the Celtic Sun God was believed to ride the blazing sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot. The slightly sweet, well balanced Red Ale has moderate malt flavor coupled with caramel and toasted notes for a smooth finish.”

Uplifted Export Style Scottish Ale – “As a tribute to the 5,000 year old tradition of brewing in Scotland, we brewed this classic 80 Schilling Export Scottish Ale. This Ale features a malt forward, lightly-roasted, and caramelized flavor incorporating faint hints of smokiness.”

Hazards Triple IPA – “Hazards Canyon on California’s Central Coast is a surf spot that Head Brewer, Dusty, grew up surfing. This majestic stretch of coastline is know for some epic surfing, but its beauty can be deceiving. Beneath the waves is a treacherous reef that demands respect. This IPA represents big tropical, citrus aroma and flavor.”