Piquette and Pretty

Man, Homage Brewing is putting out the fancy photo friendly beers and they sound great. Here is example # 2 just from this month.

“Since You Asked Kindly” – This saison was formed utilizing second use fruits and “pomace” from our blackberry saison, “Speaking Gently”, and our Sauvignon Blanc grape saison, “Colour Orange”. We chose a barrel aged blend of wild ale to combine with the leftover “berries and grapes” to forgo a small fermentation on any residuals that were left behind from each fruit. Our influence behind this saison is a wine technique called “Piquette”, which is a grape beverage produced by using left over grape pomace and adding water to create a simple wine or wine substitute. Instead of diluting our leftover pomace with water, we used our aged hop oak fermented wild ale, and conditioned it atop the pomace for 5 weeks. The result is absolutely stunning and beautiful. It provides a unique textural, layered experience, adding subtle tannins from each fruit. The complex fruit punch type aroma exhibits notes of glazed strawberries, juicy green table grapes, ripened blackberries, and Sauvignon Blanc wine. It carries a touch of rustic aged hops, complex yeast, and lively carbonation…”