Monrovia is Home Brewing

Monrovia now has a shoppe for the home brewing crowd and it is pretty close to a place in Monrovia that craft beer fans already know about, Pacific Plate.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.31.09 PM

The Monrovia Homebrew shop will hopefully be an incubator for brewing talent that home brew stores are known for being.  Plus it will be cool to see if they can attract a home brew club to compete with the Yeastsiders, the Falcons and the Pacific Gravity.  They opened on the 3rd so by now the kinks should be worked out,

5 Replies to “Monrovia is Home Brewing”

  1. Meant to check it out on Sunday, when I saw the temp sign on a car on my way to church, but then went out to lunch with friends and was already past it. Now I’m going to try next Sunday….Want to see what they have that’s different from Eagle Rock…

  2. Stopped by yesterday around 10 to 2. A sign on the door said closed until 2. Hung around until almost 2:30, but to no avail. I’ll try again next Sunday…

  3. Made it in yesterday! Staff was super friendly and helpful. Signed up for their mailing list. Sounds like they have some classes coming up, first up yeast, taught by one of the brewers over at Pacific Plate. Looking forward to that. Pretty basic on stock for now, but have plans to expand the grain selection in the next couple of weeks.

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