Mogollon Wapiti Amber

The barrage of craft beer in cans continues. And that is good news. It means more economies of scale and more beers being shipped! And we can all agree that is a great thing.

Here is a Arizona beer that would look good on my 50 Beers from 50 States list….from Mogollon

“Wapiti Amber Ale. This is our flagship ale and is pronounced wop-eh-tee. The label for this beer is adorned with the majestic Wapiti (aka elk). Wapiti are abundant in northern Arizona. They are large and beautiful creatures, which is why we chose this animal to represent this beer. Wapiti Amber Ale is hand crafted with mountain pure water, two row malted barley, yeast and Yakima Valley hops. Our brewers use traditional methods to create this full-bodied amber ale with a distinct hoppy aroma. “