Modest Proposals

I have a couple proposals for beer fans who want to push the envelope a bit when it comes to craft beer and the interwebs…..

1. Start a Tumblr blog for anonymous craft beer truth-telling. Because I am tired of seeing vague remarks on social media about how beer bar A has unclean tap lines but no name is attached or brewery B has horrible beer but the writer won’t divulge the name for fear or over politeness.

Maybe a blog which allows anonymous commenters (but moderated comments) can serve the purpose to warn craft beer customers of what is going on. I envision a series of posts with headlines such as: Dirty Brewery Sales Tactics, Breweries with beer quality issues, Bars to avoid that then can be evaluated much like political ads are graded on scales of lie or truth.

2. Despite the fact I am more a fan of Jimmy Fallon making fun of #hashtags than using actual hashtags maybe whenever a brewery is approached by the ABInBev they can Tweet #BudReachAround. That way we can figure out the pattern to the Bud acquisition plans.