Mission Street 2011

One of the great surprises of 2010 were Firestone Walker bombers made for Trader Joesunder the Mission Street Label. The Hefeweizen was solid and even better was the brown ale that had just the right balance of malt and thickness with a spice kick.

Now they have produced a new beer, Mission Street 2011 Anniversary Ale. The copy on the label explains: “This year’s Mission St. Anniversary Ale showcases complex malt flavors with roasty notes layered in and medium hop character. It is a blend of three incredible brews carefully blended for maxiumum aroma and flavor. We affectionately call this brew an Imperial Brown Ale. 8.5% ABV.”.

2 Replies to “Mission Street 2011”

  1. Sean, is this already out at local TJ’s? What a wonderful surprise, thanks for looping us all in on this one. The Mission St Series is routinely a ridiculous value and a FWB blended one sounds like a straight public service to the community. I’ll be checking my neighborhood one tonight for sure. Cheers!

  2. I have been checking and have not seen it yet. The last time I checked even the staff did not know of the beer. So it may be aways off still.

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