Members Only

The Mug Club. Some breweries have them and use them. Others had them at the start of their brewery but have let them die on the bine. Others go the special bottle club route.

A recent post on the Brewers Association website got me to thinking what I want in a Mug Club or any other brewery club.

Before I get to “MY” needs, here is what was recommended in the post (I endorse the ones in bold):

Existing members get a discount on renewals (typically 25 percent off)
Filling your own personal 23-oz mug costs the same as a normal 16-oz pour
• Members get 10 percent off of merchandise as well as food
We offer additional deep discounts on “member’s nights” (I would say 1 per month)
• We host an annual appreciation and membership renewal party where we treat members to dinner and a complimentary first round of beers
• We offer a different style of mug each year to keep it fresh
• Every month, one lucky member wins a case of beer to take home

Obviously, there are some items that are too expensive and you can’t implement everything and keep your profit margins, remember, the clubs should make money for the brewery!

1. Quarterly “Meetings” where members can taste a beer in advance of the general beer public.
2. Secret password days where members get a password that can be used for special beers like ½ in ½ or nitro pour.
3. Special brew day tours or packaging day tours. Abbreviated behind-the-scenes at the brewery.
4. Early entry to special events that the brewery puts on if they buy tickets to the event, of course.
5. …then toss in a sweet jacket, like this…