London Brewery # 1 – Affinity Brew Co.

Our first brewery in London to visit is called Affinity Brew Co. and one of the reasons that I selected them is this statement on their website, “We do not filter or pasteurise our beer, allowing the yeast to produce a natural carbonation within the can.”

Now lets get to what I would try first…

Breeze – “A sparkling golden Saison brewed with Lime Zest and crushed Coriander Seed.”

Social Seduction – “A big, bold, west coast I.P.A brewed with a rotating selection of U.S hops.”

Toowoomba – “A Lamington inspired, coconut and raspberry stout. Toowoomba’s complex malt bill produces a rich, dark, chocolatey Stout. It is fermented on fresh Raspberries and conditioned with toasted Coconut.”