Local Rock

Rock & Brews will be throwing their 6th edition of their Craft Beer Fest at their El Segundo on November 6th from 12-5 p.m. 12 local craft breweries will be featured plus a full Santa Maria style barbecue.

Participating breweries include: El Segundo Brewing, Strand Brewing Co., Smog City Brewing Company, Three Weavers Brewing Company, King Harbor Brewing Company, Ohana Brewing Company, Monkish Brewing Co., Iron Triangle Brewing Co., Indie Brewing Company, Reel Brew Co., Rubens Distilling & Brewing and Solarc Brewing. Typical strong list of breweries with a South Bay bent but it is notable for the first time that I have seen Rubens from right there in El Segundo on the list which is cool. On the weird side is Reel Brew Co. which hasn’t really penetrated the market or impressed many to this point.

Tickets are priced at $45 and can be purchased HERE.