LIFO – Last In First Out

Shmaltz Brewing Company, they of the He’Brew beers amongst other beverages was a contract brewing holdout. Until five years ago, they did not have a home base. Now they have returned to their gypsy ways with the sale of its brewing equipment to Singlecut Beersmiths of Queens, NY.

The facility in Clifton Park will switch over later this year and the 30,000-barrel brewery will start brewing new beer. I had some of their beers when in NYC and was quite happy with them so this sounds positive if more beer will make it to L.A.

For Shmaltz this seems to be a strategic retreat and a way to not fall deeper into debt. And perhaps they are a brand that is better suited to not having their own brewery. Whether they can re-kindle brewing agreements again or if that tank space is gone is a different story.

I do see more equipment and facilities coming available for those who want to grow. Or those bigger facilities can become incubators or homes for excess capacity needs because that is probably needed more, flexible brewing.