Last Year’s Sales

The Brewers Association released the sales numbers for last year, and normally I would post about it from the standpoint of California brewers or breweries entering or leaving the top 10 but this year, the numbers will need to be viewed against the 2020 numbers as well as the 2021 numbers before you can truly glean some insights.

I expect to see some churn in companies and quite possibly more CANarchy like groupings when we hit the post virus phase. I wrongly expected to see closures aplenty by now but the loans and financial measures seemed to have postponed those, though I still think fallout is coming. Unemployment numbers are going to really start to hurt, really soon. Unless Biden gets elected come November, I do not think there will be much long-term help for small business and especially a small business in California.

I sorely wish that I could do a pro forma, boring post about who is in the lead though.