Las Vegas Brewery # 1 – Able Baker

Our first stop in Las Vegas is at Able Baker. Not a brewer of pastry stouts though. A and B were the names of the bombs dropped in Nevada as part of the nuclear testing and this brewery is running with the atomic theme.

Here is what I would sample first:

Fermentation Migration White IPA – “This White IPA is brewed with champagne yeast and the Belgian characteristics are brought about by perpetuating a series of uncommon stressors during fermentation. A slightly hazy golden color and noticeable Belgian phenols are traditional White IPA elements that remain. A soft, citrusy hop profile, bright effervescence, and dry finish..”

Test Site Saison – “An untraditional saison that gains flavor notes from our unique yeast blend and additional flavor from being brewed with fresh chamomile flowers and ginger. This creates a full-bodied, but crisp, fusion styled saison that’s flavor friendly and a nice summer sipper.”

Honey Dip Stout – “Honey Dip is an Imperial Stout brewed with honey and Madagascar vanilla beans then aged on American oak.”

Double Dead Duck IIPA – “..this double IPA is Hopped To Atomic Proportions to form a dank and bitter concoction that is a hop enthusiasts dream.”