Ladyface turns 3

Lot’s of anniversary action this month! Good to see the milestones being both reached and eclipsed. On to Agoura Hills for this post….

“To celebrate their 3rd Anniversary Week, January 21st through 27th, Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie is planning a full week of events highlighting their award-winning ales. Monday, all taps begin pouring Ladyface creations and, over the course of the week, guests will be able to enjoy special releases, archived vintages, barrel aged brews, collaborations, brewer’s one-off creations, casks, and more.

Monday also sees the release of Ladyface’s 3rd Anniversary Ale, a Belgian Dark Strong Ale with a deep garnet hue and a dense white foam head. Aromas of soft caramel and toffee are layered between earthy spice and fruit. Hops are faint but enough presence to balance. Flavors of rum-raisin and fresh baked bread are followed quickly by warming alcohol. A strong Belgian yeast character is present and exotic Asian teas add subtle layers of vanilla and dark chocolate truffle. Limited edition 3rd Anniversary glassware, with a year-long discount program, also goes on sale.

Tuesday, January 22nd sees Ales From The Vault, on Wednesday Chef Adrian Gioia and Brewmaster David Griffiths present a reservation-only Brewmaster’s Dinner, then Thursday is Barrel-Aged Beer Night. Event details, including is music and prize drawings, can be found on the Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie Facebook page and at their website.

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  1. I will try out the 3rd anniversary beer tomorrow and see if I can get any further news from them.

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