Label talk

Occasionally, (especially for beers that I haven’t yet tasted) a label is just so weird or weirdly great that I have to talk about whats on the package instead of what’s inside. Such is the case for Cellar Rat.

First things first, I am not a rat or mouse hater or frightened victim. But due to paying attention in history class, I have learned my fair share about the rat’s role in disease spreading in the olden days.

Which leads me to label # 1

Aside from the old but iconic hammer and sickle, it is the color of red that really makes this not work for me. The color doesn’t automatically take me to thoughts of the devil. But the combined rat, USSR and color do. Plus it looks more possum-y to me. The font for the name is evocative without being too cutesy though.

What a vibrant green. And boy how it conjures disease. Especially in tandem with the swirly, hypnotic design on the possum, I mean rat, belly. I feel like this is one of those labels that would catch my eye, then immediately lose it.

They have a distinct brand and I certainly hope the beer is good. Maybe the rats will become the next Stone Brewing devil. But for now, it isn’t my pint of beer. And the motto of “Infest You” should go to.