LA Mill and not just for coffee

Here in Los Angeles we are not only blessed with great beer but great coffee too. Groundwork and Intelligentsia to name two. But a case could be made that LA Mill is the strongest of the bunch. And now they have added beer to the menu. Check out the following:
Black & Black
North Coast Old Rasputin and hand drip iced Lamill Coffee
Ozeno Yukidoke IPA
Using five times the hops of other beers, this IPA is well balanced, with smooth flavor, mellow bitterness, and citrusy tones. This hoppy IPA is surprisingly California in style.
Tama No Megumi
Bottle conditioning is the process of putting live yeast into the actual beer bottle. This process is used to continue aging the beer, even as it sits on the shelf. It can be aged for 5 years.
Coedo Beniaka
Fermented for an extended period of time, this premium lager features an aromatic sweetness in its amber tones. This truly unique beer is a rare combination of high quality malts and “Beniaka”, the roasted Kintoki sweet potato of the Kawagoe region.