LA Beer Week – Report # 2

The 2nd Beer Float Showdown presented by FoodGPS and held at the Verdugo was a rousing success with a bunch of people taking the leap into the realm of beer and ice cream.

Four competitors created really original floats with most involving fruit beers. Here are the four floats in pictorial form.

# 1 from Ladyface Brasserie

# 2 from Simmzy’s

# 3 from Boneyard Bistro
Here is the description of the winning float, “Boneyard Bistro bar manager Rory Snipes made a float using Floris Apple, Bourbon-salted caramel-cinnamon ice cream, and a garnish of green apple coated with caramel cinnamon crumble.” Since it was such a hit, it may end up on the regular menu.

# 4 from Tony’s Darts Away

float photos courtesy of the Rosen Film Institute

Since there is no such thing as too much ice cream or too much beer, next stop was Scoops on Monday night for some incredible artisanal ice cream made with beer as a highlighted ingredient. I had the apricot/Chimay which was really good. You got a both fruit and beer solidly. The Hazelnut Lost Coast combo also worked wonders.

To further tempt you to go, here are some photos of the deliciousness… (Double click the photos to see the combinations)

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  1. Thanks so much for volunteering at and posting about L.A. Beer Float Showdown II. Your help has been, and continues to be, invaluable.

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