Keep Acting Better – Action # 1

It is a new month but that doesn’t mean that we file away the last one and forget about it.

The whole beer world has to keep acting better and we can use this new month to learn new practices.

This month, I will touch upon what can actually be done to make improvements. Some of which I touched upon in my first post about the craft beer reckoning with the horrible treatment of women.

First, create your own damn spreadsheet. Why did men need women to track all the offenses? That just removes men from the process that they should be involved in.

Here is what you do. Go HERE to find the spreadsheet. Take notes on the breweries who appear on it and match that with the breweries in your area. Are any that you go to on the list? Are any in your ‘fridge that is on the list?

Make your own spreadsheet. Check to see if the brewery or person on your list has apologized and taken action. Also read the accounts linked to them to prioritize. If a brewery is cited multiple times and it is one that you have gone to many times, and they are silent about it, now you know to not go there to start and you can develop a plan as to what additional steps can be taken.

An example, I received a media package from BrewDog during the first week this news was coming to light. I checked the spreadsheet and they were on it. So I reached out to the PR firm that sent the beer asking what BrewDog had to say.

The person I e-mailed with answered honestly, appalled at what had been posted and said that I would get answers when they got them from BrewDog. So I posted a photo on Instagram and until I get the answers, that is all I will be doing. If no answers come then no posts from me even if the founders rescue a thousand cats from a thousand trees that they planted to save the rainforest.

I will also be checking that spreadsheet to make sure that I don’t post about the places and people in the future. Because, I am not here on a high horse dictating tactics. We all need to be in the field.