IPA Flight Test at Pacific Plate

Pacific Plate hosted a holiday weekend, IPA 4th of July. I arrived via the Gold Line which drops you off a mere 4 block from the brewery without the hassle of traveling the increasingly worsening traffic of the 210 East. And I had my beer in time to catch the pk’s of Germany vs. Italy in the quarterfinals of the 2016 Euros. Worst penalty kicks I have seen in a while. Buffon did all he could do in goal for Italy but I have seen grade schoolers do better.
I settled down with the 6 beer flight and jotted down my notes:
Mango IPA – lighter orange not as cloudy as guava. Potpourri a bit. Bitter first.
Guava IPA – wins the fruit IPA cup. Cloudy. Grapefruit. Fruit first.
San Andreas IPA – grassy and a little weird. Not as good as the rest.
South Pacific Smoked IPA – Very smoky. Good balance even though the burnt notes take over.
Widowmaker DIPA – caramel. Sugar. Bitterness comes in at the end.
Black Widow Black IPA – British at first then the hops kick in.

Overall, the Guava is the leader for me with the Black IPA coming in second. With more hop bite, the Smoked South Pacific could sneak into the top three.

Next anniversary for the Monrovia brewery is in August. Number three.