In the Tap Lines for July 2013


And the Search Party is back from sabbatical or hiatus or whatever you call it when someone leaves the room while the party is still going on.  Now I am refreshed and ready to tackle a full month of beer in Los Angeles. I will also have extra beer reviews of three beers from Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia.  Starting with their Ginger Wit by the name of Fu Man Brew.

~ e-visits to three breweries from America’s Heartland in honor of the 4th of July
~ video reviews tackles a “should have been June” review beer from Mother Earth plus more beer reviews minus the videos
~ Heads-Up on Los Angeles Beer Events
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my no holds barred opinion on the craft beer world
~ … and Session # 77 will converge bloggers onto a single topic, this month the IPA Boom
~ plus many more posts about new beers, beer products and breweries

Here are two events to get your July started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) July 6-14 Lucky Baldwin’s (all 3 locations) Sweet & Sour Fest
2) July 13 Dry River Brewing at the NELA Art Gallery – Highland Park