Ignited Brewery # 3 – Wiseguy Brewing

Our final stop is Wise Guy Brewing. Conjures up old-timey gangster movies which is an interesting choice for San Diego. Adding to the dissonance is the fact that founder and brewer Brett Gent will be focusing on classic German styles. Don’t get me wrong, we need to see more German and English style breweries so I would jump at the chance to try something from the 2(ish) taps dedicated to those beers, could be a Pilsner, Doppelbock, Altbier, Schwarzbier, Helles Lager, Dunkelweizen, Oktoberfest.

You might also find Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts, ESB’s and a Vienna Lager. Gent has won numerous awards for his home-brewed ales and lagers.

Lest hop heads be scared away Wiseguy will also use their 10-barrel brewhouse and five 20-barrel fermenters to make IPA’s as well.