How Many XXX’s?


I am no mixxologist but I am pretty sure that you don’t add Bud Light to a Hurricane, or Long Island Iced Tea.  Not sure about the Firewalker but my educated guess is a base of watery corn lager ain’t helping its cause.

But hey, if you can’t sell the Light, you might as well re-purpose it into the Flavored (candy) Malt Beverages.  Kids these days like candy, right?  They might buy it if we add an extra X, right?

To me this is “the chase”.  I define it as a large corporation that sees that something is popular and chases after it.  Usually by the time they catch up, the fad is done with and you end up finding pallets of the junk at the 99Cent store.

If you enjoy caramel color and artificial sweetener in your Bud Light then please enjoy.