Homebrewin’ tastin’

One of my former co-workers has begun brewing.  She (identity protected to protect the innocent) is and adept cook and her first batch using the Brooklyn HomeBrew kit and recipe was solid.  Recently she invited me and my beer buddy, Richard from Travels with Cap’n to taste her latest brews.

But before the photos and the reviews, a warning


I won’t protect his identity because I don’t think Craig would like it if I did.  Anyhoo, on with the reviews

The first beer was a lavender honey ale. Honey being used instead of Belgian Candi sugar. It was well balanced and bone dry. A hint of lavender which is much preferred to too much. It poured a pretty light yellow color as well.


The Tea & Toast was an avenue for experimenting with tea. The recipe called for English Breakfast but could accommodate others and the very smokey Lapsang Souchong was chosen and it imparted a big smokey kick. There was a nice toast/wheat note that punched in briefly as well.

Of the two, a the honey lavender would be an excellent go to summer beer and I would like to try Tea and Toast with another tea variety.

There is a Peach Cobbler bubbling away with a Gose in the future. And I am excited to try them.