Home Brew Review – Cranberry Wheat

Well, it is certainly a wheat beer. But for the life of me, the cranberries are hard to find. And that is the only ding I can levy against this home brew. It is crisp.  The flavors linger without cloying. There is a subtle tartness to the aroma as well, that I really enjoy.

The power of cranberry would have added such a potent effect to this beer and made it a really good match with a salad with blue cheese dressing. As it is, there is a touch too much wheat and not enough punch to make that match.


2 Replies to “Home Brew Review – Cranberry Wheat”

  1. Almost drank a bottle last night and then didn’t…… I’ll try to drink one tonight so we can discuss on Thursday. Weird that the cranberry didn’t come through. I’ll have to think about it.

  2. It was good and but I really had to look for the cranberry. Might have been psychological too because cranberry has always been presented with strong flavors. Very tart, usually. Since, I didn’t taste that, I may have missed the subtle notes.

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