Home Brew Review – Chivas Regal Dubbel

My whiskey appreciation has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, I need to get a few mini-bottles and do a taste test so this beer is a perfect gateway.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 8.21.35 AM

Similar to the Egg Nog concoction, this beer is strong with the Chivas Regal. Very smooth with the rough edges of alcohol shaved off. And it is quite tasty. It almost has a cocktail quality to it. The whiskey taste is really well done, almost like an essence or concentrate.

My two quibbles are the fact that the aroma is a little too meek. Granted this is not a barrel-aged beer but I was hoping to get more of the delicious smells of the Chivas. Secondly, the body of this could be a little heartier. It didn’t seem Dubbel-y enough. More malt would make this more beer and less cocktail.

3 Replies to “Home Brew Review – Chivas Regal Dubbel”

  1. Do you think my mash is too hot and I should go stick in the middle or go toward the lower end of the temp spectrum? Because these have all had 1/2 lb to a pound more of grain than the starter ales….

  2. OK so finally had a bottle last night. Totally agree with your assessment. Base and aroma are too thin, but really tasty. Smooth, not bitey at all.
    Overall, liked it and happy that a dubbel worked.

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