Highway 78

What a difference two beers make! Stone had put out some really good collaborations but after the Camino (Un)Real mash-up, I started to feel that maybe the course had been run and that it would just be shocking ingredients for awhile.

But then came Saison du Buff and the San Diego Session which were tremendous and light and dare I say session beers and not imperials or doubles.

Now the first of 2011 is coming our way and it’s back to the bold….”a big, rich, malty beer made with all English ingredients.” The beer will clock in around 8%-9%ABV and 30 IBUs and aged in Scotch barrels. The trio includes Green Flash Brewing and Pizza Port-Carlsbad.

78 refers to the highway that starts at the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most impressive beer corridors with Stone, Green Flash and Lost Abbey within miles of each other.

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