Between keeping up with L.A., the obscene brewery opening pace in San Diego, the Bay area gets the short end of the coverage. Which explains why it has taken me two years to talk about a new (well, not now) brewery in Petaluma by the name of HenHouse headed by Collin McDonnell and Shane Goepel who are doing the brewing on nights and weekends for now.

According to their website they are “all about creating new and interesting kinds of delicious” two barrels at a time. They have a couple chicken monikered beers (Big and Little) as well as a representative sampling of beer styles from Belgian Golden to Black Lager to ESB and a Hopless Saison. Oh and an Oyster Stout as well.

And they must be good because of the two places to reliably find their beers are their HenHouse location and at a couple restaurants run by some unknown guy, Thomas Keller and his French Laundry and Ad Hoc restaurants.