Help a Brewer Out

From time to time, I call on YOU to help out.  Sometimes it’s via Kickstarter or IndieGoGo but this time it is a just a skosh more important.

Brewing can be dangerous.  There have been extremely sad examples in the past that show that safety isn’t some seminar or bad video but actual necessity.

So head to this GoFundMe page and help out a brewer who was injured making the type of beer we all enjoy.  Then raise a glass and toast her speedy recovery.

Here’s the story….

“Kerry Thomas ( Caldwell ) was in severe accident Friday, July 10th while brewing her favorite beer (Obligatory Double IPA ) at Edge Brewing Co in Boise, ID where she’s an award winning Brewmaster. Kerry is currently being cared for in the Burn Center at the University of Utah Hospital. She has suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 30% of her body. She will require surgery and skin grafting. While it’s difficult for the doctors to know how long her recovery will take they are expecting her to be hospitalized through the month of July. Despite this hardship Kerry remains positive and looks forward getting back on her brew stand. It goes without saying this will be a financial hardship on the family. All of your contributions and warm wishes are deeply appreciated.”