Glendale Tap

I get to write about beer that is actually located in the town that I live in! No offense to Golden Road which is literally across the street from Glendale or Eagle Rock which is right next door as well but they are both technically L.A.

This EaterLA article lays out what is happening but hopefully it will open soon and I can give a proper review.

UPDATE: They open on October 24th. Wednesday at 5pm.

4 Replies to “Glendale Tap”

  1. Hey Sean,

    Thanks for the mention here !

    Wanted to let you know that we’ve been open for almost 6 weeks now and the response has been great. Eater LA, Thrillist, and Tasting Table have since posted very positive articles and we’ve had some really enthusiastic Yelpers writing about us as well. I’m there every nite but Tuesday so please stop in and say hello over a beer.

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