GABF Gold & Unknown Brewery # 2 – BNS Brewing & Distilling


There is one category that is incredibly hard to just medal, let alone strike gold.  That is the case for the American IPA category which had 336 competitors this year.  I would be hard pressed to drink that many IPA’s in a full year.  But BNS Brewing and Distilling from right here in California came out on top of the hop battle royale with their Revolver American IPA.

But this Santee brewery doesn’t just do hops with their Old West themed beers.  Here are my choices for a taster tray…..

Gunfighter Golden Ale,  Saloon Girl Saison, Flintlock American Pale Ale, Gatling Gun Imperial Stout.

And maybe they will have some patriotic spirits to go along with their beers in the near future.