GABF Gold & Unknown Brewery # 1 – Melvin Brewing

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We start in Wyoming with a brewery that had roots in a much lauded restaurant and brewery, Thai Me Up.  Melvin Brewing is now moving from a 3bbl to a 30bbl system.  And that may boot them out of the category that they won this year, Small Brewpub of 2015.

They won gold for Chchchch-Cherry Bomb in the American Fruit Beer category and a bronze in the Fresh/Wet Hop Ale for their namesake IPA.

Let’s check out some other beers to try:

Killer Bees – “Clean, smooth, slow motion, easy drinkin’, honey. The palette cleanser extraordinaire. Perfect for mowing your unwatered lawn, sipping in the shower, or fishing on a Sunday. ”

Hubert MPA – “Some would just call him an IPA, but we call him an MPA. The Melvin Pale Ale. A welcomed hand shake to your taste buds.”

Clinic ISA – “This medicinal India Session Ale is perfect for drinking at work under your desk, on a deck under the sun in your skivvies, or chilling out on a chairlift. Let Melvin Clinic make it all better with this light, crisp, and fresh taste. ”

..or try their Trip Out Tripel.