FoodGPS Teaser – Unity 2012

Tomorrow on FoodGPS, you will get the rundown on the Unity 2012 brew and some history of the Berliner Weisse style but to whet your appetite, here are some photos from Day 2 of the brewing process for the Prickly Pear Rye Berliner…..

These are really prickly, little slivers easily work their way into fingers as you try to cut them.

The cutting crew digging into the pears that will get bagged and dropped into the brew later.

The “souring” grains coming out of the wort.

The measuring of the teeny tiny amount of hops going into the beer.

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  1. Considering all the L.A. breweries that Jeremy and Ting rallied to produce prickly pear beers for LA Beer Week, September 20-30 might have the highest concentration of prickly pear beers in the history of mankind.

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