First Visit – Lucky Luke Brewing

Within shouting distance or a Peyton Manning football toss from Transplants Brewing is Lucky Luke Brewing.  Whereas Transplants was about the graffiti art and creature on the wall with video games, LL is all wood and piping with an outdoor seating area.
The beers all have old-timey names like The Esquire or the Mortician. I settled in with a pale ale to gauge the middle of the beer list, The Cartographer was fine. It was certainly in the pale ale category. Probably the pale ale category from a few years back before session IPA’s usurped the category. It was nice and golden in color with a bit of a muted aroma to it.
If they had crowlers or to go I would have liked to try their Tart Saison and their Oatmeal Stout to see how the other styles fare and see where their brewing strength lay.