The Firkin for February 2010

There was an interesting post on Beer Advocate awhile back about buying a spot during the Super Bowl for the “I am a craft brewer” video put together by Greg Koch from Stone Brewing. Some people thought that an opportunity to showcase craft beer to a massive audience was missed since the ad rates were lower this year than last.

Here is my reasoning as to why it would be not an effective use of hypothetical money.

A) You are not targeting the most receptive audience. It is mostly men who are probably not leaving their brand anytime soon. Not exactly the low hanging fruit. I would rather target specific people who could be turned into beer geeks who would then turn the person next to them. Food Network would be logical. NPR as well. Even Sports Illustrated would be a better sell.

B) One time ads don’t register. Unless you follow up with the message, it stands the chance of being trampled. Look at what the Republicans do. Say the same thing over and over, until people believe it. Be it true or not. Say it once and it gets lost.

C) I would rather support local organizations in overturning some of the flat out bizarre liquor laws this country has on the books. As I mentioned in the January rant, there are some outdated ideas that need to be purged.

The main reason why 1 measly 30 second spot no matter how many people view it isn’t enough is because we need to really educate people about beer. 30 seconds does not convey the nuance needed. What about sour beer, the history of Imperial Stouts, proper glassware? Instead of a quick hit, we need sustained informed beer knowledge being passed to receptive minds.