Featured Reviews – The Bruery pastry and chocolate

Next up in the dual Bruery reviews are a Sticky Bun and chocolate and strawberry.

Bakery: Sticky Bun – Starts with a creamy foam at top.  Loads of maple syrup with the cinnamon coming in right behind it.  More like pancake syrup to me.  Does not taste over 10% abv. The bourbon barrel flavor aspect is far in the back.  The beer isn’t creamy but there is a nice viscosity.

Love Bites – Big foamy tan head with a glint of red in the pour with loads of chocolate covered strawberry aroma and that berry note continues hard into the beer. As it warms up some of the stout comes into play but nary a smidge of bourbon barrel to be found.  Almost tastes like a sour stout if it weren’t for the milk chocolate that is the second lead on this beer. 

Both beers basically deliver the main flavors advertised but the Sticky Bun worked better for me, which might be due to maple being more in tune with imperial stout than strawberry.