Featured Review – Pecan Ale from Abita

Switching from gourd to nut, here are my thoughts on the Abita Pecan Ale.

Here is the website description, “Pecan Ale is made with real Louisiana roasted pecans for a subtle, nutty flavor and aroma. It’s brewed with pale, Munich, biscuit and caramel malts, and Willamette hops.”

Pecan Ales is on the border of dark orange and brown . This nutty beer tastes light upon first sipping. It has some sparkle to it though. I like pie but the one I avoid is pecan pie. This has none of that sweetness. The roasted nut flavor takes the place of hops and there are no spices added to muddy this up. Just a straight up light brown ale with pecan notes to it. I didn’t geaux nuts but this is an easy sipper with personality.