Enough is Enough

In between folksy aphorisms, puns and calls to re-post even though they doubt anyone will, Facebook can offer up some actual thinking points. The needle in the haystack as it were….

Now how does this fit into beer? Well, there is no doubt that beer fans chase down, stand in line for, mule and trade beers in a quest to, if we are being generous, tick the trendy and famous beers but less optimistically one-up others.

Lately, I have fallen into Full Fridge-itis. Beer cans tucked into nooks and crannies leaving me with enough beer to last well through the rest of this month. I have enough beer but still find myself scrolling through what each bottle shoppe is posting and drooling over new releases.

And I think this not enoughness leads us to undervalue what we have right in front of us. I am not advocating a sudden buying freeze but rather, to stop and think about what enough is.

Thus ends the beer philosophy for today.