English Brewery Tour # 3 – Bristol Beer Factory

10 Days ago we e-visited Magic Rock Brewery that I saw in a column from Tomm Carroll in the Celebrator magazine. Now another brewery he noted in that column is our final stop in Great Britain, Bristol Beer Factory.

The first beer that caught my eye being that I live in the Golden State was “The Bitter Californian is a hybrid between a traditional English Best Bitter and the wonderfully aromatic Californian Pale Ales. Our brewers, Chris (the bitter one?) and Brett (the Californian one) have combined their love of English malts and American hops to create a delicious new beer.”

I also love seeing a style like the Milk Stout being produced, “Sweet, black and extremely full-bodied. Unfermentable Lactose sugar (added during the boil) sweetens the Chocolate and Black Malt derived roast / burnt flavours.”

If you are an independent drinker you might want to visit and drink one of their independent beers from the old Ashton Gate Brewery.