OK, it has been a couple days now since the calendar marker of Election Day. Due to our over friendliness with Covid, it has been much different with more voting before and more counting after.

So much more counting after.

It is fairly (don’t jinx it Sean) clear now that with the Pennsylvania results this morning, we will be finally getting rid of the Worst President Ever which means two things.

One, is that hopefully the battle against Covid will be waged better. Granted, low bar, but for breweries to emerge OK we will need a nationwide response. Biden / Harris will provide that.

Second is that I won’t have to talk about the lying liar that lies because this is a beer blog not Politico. I don’t want to talk about that psycho much in the same way comedians are tired of finding laughs in it. One of the head writers of the Tonight Show left partially due to that very reason.

So, let’s all take a deep breath. Not look at the news and Twitter so much and dive back into beers, especially holiday seasonals. Still time left in 2020 for craziness and if the super spreader in Chief was a bad winner in 2016, he is sure to be a worse loser. But we as a country have taken the first step back towards normalcy.