Eagle Rock review # 1

So I planned on having a review of an Eagle Rock beer in this space. But then the anniversary party for their 1st year of business got scheduled. SO now you get some photos from the event.

The announcement flyer

The beers on tap!

Jubilee, the Christmas Ale makes an appearance!

I had not tasted Jubilee before and am still mixed on it. The front end is fruity and then a spice blast hits at the back end. It is a warmer but certainly not what I expected. I also sampled the Yearling which is young Flanders Red which was tart and sour and just damn tasty. I also had the sour Solidarity. Only one sip, so no review or judgement to be passed.

A true video review will happen later. (I just got some 50 States beer so I couldn’t justify buying more beer when the ‘fridge was stocked to bursting!)

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  1. Populist is great as is the Red Velvet. I don’t think there was much Jubilee left and the crowd probably went through it very fast.

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