I am of mixed mind on this craft beer hotel project from BrewDog that will be placed next door to their new Columbus, Ohio brewery and sour beer facility. Partially because I think it lets hotel chains off the hook for having mediocre to poor beer choices and if chains don’t improve then how will the majority of Americans who don’t have Ohio in their travel plans going to benefit.

Yes, there are hotels like the Four Points near LAX that have promoted craft beer, and yes, Stone will eventually have their own hotel in Escondido but if I go to a hotel in Solana Beach and they have a poolside bar with little to no local taps when there are close to a bajillion breweries in the San Diego area, well it seems like a drop in a bucket.

Now if they could franchise a chain or sign up with a boutique hotel with national presence, that would be different.

Not that I wouldn’t visit the Doghouse even though the in-shower fridge scares me because the other amenities do sound cool….
• Craft beer tap in every room serving IPA
• Hot tub filled with IPA in the luxury suite
• Craft beer spa with beer-based treatments and products
• In-shower fridge so guests can sip whilst they scrub
• Deluxe breakfasts, lunches and dinners, all infused and paired with artisanal craft beers